Thursday, March 3, 2011

Covert Whispers

Between every rise and set,
There is a sun that's always shines.
Dark and light, ebb and tide.
Covert whisper from inside,
always appears so right.
Every one of us has his own lighting sun,
Of which is the guide and the friend.
When it sets behind the clouds of ignorance,
Darkness spreads all over taking place.
As the sun shines all over the globe,
Why not give your sun inside a chance
To light up your life before darkness
steals it away from you?
You'll need no candles with dim lights
To give you a Short sight
through the darkness of your night.
If you just let the sun be free........!


Neha said...

shayad ye english main pehli koshish hai apki....nice one

shubham gelda said...

yes that is my 1st one........!

Neha said...


Rewa said...

nice poem...yes frnds are the light of life we have to give them a chance to brighten our lives.If they are under some clouds than we have to make it rain for a brighter and beautiful day ahead...if they are silent we have to talk them out else more on their behalf for making a balance...nice work keep it up